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Work2Live Pioneers Lifestyle Spending Accounts In The U.S.

Work2Live, a Miami based tech company that provides employers with an employee rewards and lifestyle benefits platform, has launched its LSA (Lifestyle Spending Account) tool help employers enhance employee experience and company culture.

It’s well known that work-life balance has been a hot topic for some time now, and it has undeniably been challenging for employers to keep pace with delivering on employee demands. What’s more is the employee labor market has become so tight that there are currently more available jobs than qualified candidates to fill those roles. Greg DiCarlo, CEO of Work2Live, said “it’s about becoming an employer of choice- a candidate’s decision on where to work can truly come down to their perception of what the employee experience will be like for them and retaining them will depend on the employers delivery of those perceptions.”

With that in mind, Work2Live developed and deployed a way for employers to reward their employees with additional money to spend on experiences and travel. Known as a Lifestyle Spending Account, employers now have the ability to immediately invest in their employees’ work-life balance. Through Work2Live’s proprietary LSA wallet, Employers can transfer funds instantaneously giving employees immediate access to these dollars and freedom to spend as they choose. “We’re truly opening up a new frontier when it comes to employee rewards and lifestyle benefits- there is nothing out there like this that can compete with our competitive advantages.” Said Co-Founder Beverly Beattie.

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