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Why experiential rewards top corporate swag

You just went above and beyond and saved the day, a customer, or a load of money. You’ve done awesome! Your leadership is grateful and want to show their appreciation for exceeding their expectations. What piece of corporate swag is comparable to the impossible feat you just conquered?

The gift of time

You work full time for your company, giving them 40 plus hours per week. Although you would love never to have to work again in your life, this career of yours does provide a degree of satisfaction, especially when you get an opportunity to shine as you just did. You live for those moments, especially when leadership notices and they take the time to thank you. What a rocket on your back!

Now, back to that worthy reward. With a full-time career and maybe even a family at home, how many opportunities do you get to spend time doing what makes you truly happy? Would that time be doing something alone, or would it be with your family or your friends? With as hard as it is to get your friends together, what a treat that could be! Alternatively, maybe have the kids get spoiled for the weekend so you can have some quality time with your main squeeze. Oh, what a lovely thought of these options!

The gift of the perfect experience

Now, what does that ideal experience look like for you? Do you have a standing favorite, or would you take a reward as an opportunity to try something completely new?


How about a hotel or boutique property for a weekend getaway to a different city? You can spend the weekend getting into the local vibe and attractions, shop, dine, and then retreat to a lovely escape. Perhaps you have family nearby and can enjoy a pleasant visit combined with some night action on your own, all in the same weekend. The choice is yours, whether you take a drive or a flight to get there.

With a reward, you may select something more upscale than you would usually book on your own. Remember that this is an experience reward, so you are allowed to treat yourself to something fantastic. You can select a simple hotel stay or create a detailed itinerary for yourself from thousands of choices.

What will your hotel look like? Will you choose a big city in a contemporary high rise hotel? What about a quaint boutique location with a more tailored service? There are even all-inclusive explorable experiences. With those, you show up, and the rest is taken care of from there.


If you would like to add some activities to your Explore options, you may find those activities under the Live category, and YES, you can combine them. On the other hand, perhaps you don’t have a full weekend to explore another city, but you have a day to enjoy something nearby. If you like to reward your accomplishments by treating yourself or taking your breath away, the live category is for you. The live category of rewards is built around activities and indulgences to enrich your life.

High adrenaline is on the menu with Nascar experiences, plane rides, and even skydiving, just to name a few. On the flip side, for those “born to be mild,” there are selections of spa and other packages to choose from, too. With the Live category experiences, it’s never been so easy to enjoy life, relax, and rejuvenate!


The breathe category is all about living your life better. If you are ready to take that first step toward something new and enriching, the Breathe category offers plenty of ways to refresh, improve your life, or just keep it simple and get a massage after work. The breathe category provides access to leading fitness clubs, spas, weight loss resorts, and much more.

Rewards that make a difference

The goal around rewards programs is to make them meaningful to each recipient at the individual level. The philosophy around building a reward collection of experiences is that the experiences have an ongoing positive effect on the recipient. In some instances, they manage to change the recipient’s identity or point of being, especially after a new and exciting experience that they may not have had the opportunity or courage to tackle otherwise. It’s moments like these that start to define us and change our outlook.

Enthusiasm is contagious

Now think of rewards you’ve received in the past. How meaningful (and personal) have they been? With such a significant experience as a reward, how well would that reward be received? Compare an experience to a polo shirt with the company logo or any trinket that collects dust on your desk. In all fairness, experiential rewards are relatively new, so we cannot diss the polo shirts of the past. Going forward, though, it is our wish that an experiential reward delights you to your very soul and elevates your ambition and drive to new levels.

We expect that your motivation will benefit not only just you but your entire team. Your enthusiasm might become contagious, and others start to share your elevated attitude. Good attitudes can be just as infectious as the negative ones. Sharing the details about your experience spread excitement across the team, as well. We hope that they also develop a drive to exceed expectations and enjoy a personal experience, themselves.

The culture of recognition includes you, too

When it comes to driving a culture of recognition, the last thing you want to do it sit around waiting for a supervisor to catch you doing something good. Let’s face it – they don’t have eyes in the back of their heads, so be their eyes and ears for all good deeds and encourage the rest of your team to do the same. Do you want to see morale boost all over? Start sharing your observations with each other as well as with your leadership. Before long, the team isn’t performing just for experiential rewards. They do a great job because it feels good being part of a high-performing team.

So what do you think? Are you ready to see experiential rewards? Please share what you’ve learned and email us for a demo to see how we work!

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