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Ways To Keep Your Employees Motivated As Warm Weather Approaches

It is looking like the cold weather is behind us and warm weather and sunshine is beginning to make its way back around!

Summer is a busy season for several businesses, and with the busy season, employers must make sure their employees are ready to perform at their best. However, every time nicer weather rolls around, it seems employees lose motivation. Can we really blame them? Who wants to be stuck inside of an office when it’s sunny and beautiful out? In fact, there is research to show that employees slack off in the summertime. A study of 600 American workers found that 45% admit they are more distracted, attendance drops by nearly 20 percent, and productivity levels are significantly reduced during the summer months.

When children are out of school, vacations come up, and the pools start to open up, it is challenging to keep your employees and managers motivated. With this being said, businesses need to focus on employee engagement, and in many cases, businesses need an engaged team now more than any other time of the year.

If this situation sounds all-to familiar, we are here to help. Here are some ways to keep your employees motivated as warm weather approaches:

Be Flexible With Vacation And Time Off

We have all experienced that point in time where our bodies were screaming out for a break. Often times, employees run themselves into the ground, without any idea when their next real break or vacation will come into sight.

Those who are in desperate need of a vacation can lose their mind. This is called employee burnout; when employees have exhausted their physical or emotional strength.

There are several factors that contribute to employee burnout but lack of time off is one of the most common. So be willing to give those who need to “sharpen the saw” time to do so. Don’t let requests for time off or vacation days get denied, or lost track of. If you seem to lose track of time off requests, consider using an employee management software so you can keep better track of requests and process them quickly.

Offer Incentives

Every once in a while, we need a little something to keep us chugging along. Since the study by Captive Network (mentioned above) found that workplace productivity dropped by nearly 20 percent, along with attendance, the warmer weather might be the right time to offer your employees an incentive.

Incentives will help your employees who lack motivation during the summer months. Incentives don’t have to be anything wild and crazy like a thousand-dollar cash bonus, but it can be gift cards to a local restaurant, or even a free vacation. Incentives aren’t only great for those on the sales side of things, but any employee who needs that extra boost.

Boost Your Company Culture

Millennials make up more than half of the workforce today. This generation is different than any other generation in the workforce before because, rather than a high paying salary, millennials prioritize company culture when looking for a job. Apple for instance is a huge corporation that has built an incredible company culture. You might be thinking you don’t have access to many of the expensive resources that larger corporations have but truth be told, you don’t need it! Creating a unique and enjoyable company culture is easier than you think.

Think about having a day dedicated to employee bonding. For example, maybe on Wednesdays you order pizza for your team where everyone can take a break from their work and come together. Or, maybe you can plan an after-hours event like a picnic so you can show employees that you care about building a close-knit team. A good company culture makes employees happy. When employees are happy, they enjoy what they do and are more productive.

A recent study also proves that those employees who make a little less, but are happy at their job, are happier and willing to do more than those who get paid more with less enjoyable work.

Set Personalized Goals With Each Employee

When was the last time you, or anyone from management, sat down with each employee to talk about their goals? Maybe you have met with them recently, but only discussed company goals. Sitting down and talking about personal goals for each employee gives each team member a reason to value their work as they work towards a bigger picture. Setting goals will help remind your team members that each person’s job matters and serves a purpose.

Provide Them With Perks To Enjoy Life Outside Of The Office

Companies can only do so much to influence their employee’s life outside of the office but, at the very least, you can provide them with perks to support their needs outside of the office.

The best way to offer your employees perks is through a Lifestyle Spending Account. A lifestyle spending account is an employer-funded account that is dedicated to lifestyle perks. Here are some of the most common perks funded by these accounts:

· Gym memberships

· Financial coaching

· Further education

· Nutritional coaching

· Fitness memberships

· Spa treatments

Lifestyle spending accounts are so effective when it comes to boosting company morale because you no longer have to guess what perks your employees want. You give your employees control and allow them to choose which perks they need the most.

Lifestyle spending accounts are also effective when it comes to boosting productivity because your employees will then have access to the perks that they need to help them relax and enjoy themselves outside of work. This way, when its’ time to come back into the office, they are well rested.

Incorporate Lifestyle Spending Accounts with Work2Live

Although warm weather is a time that employees start to lose motivation, it doesn’t have to be. With these helpful tips, your team can be more motivated than ever.

Want to get on your way to becoming one of the top employers out there? Contact Work2Live to put your lifestyle spending accounts into action!

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