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Summertime Sadness? Easy Ways to Boost Employee Morale!

While some are off exploring the Jurrasic landscapes of Hawaii or sipping Rosé in Saint-Tropez, the rest of the team is doing their part to hold down the fort until it's their turn for that sweet summer escape! So, how can you turn those frowns upside down and inspire the team this summer? Here are some quick ideas:

- Summer Competitions: What better way to get your teams motivated than to create a mini-series of competitions! The prizes don't have to be huge - maybe it's just a Friday pizza day for the winning team. Of course, we're sure your teams would welcome huge prizes all the same. Make the competitions short- 1 week or so and make them attainable so everyone feels motivated to win.

- Team Outings: Sometimes a few hours of fun in the sun (or shade) is all it takes to change the mood in the office. Pick a fun spot that everyone is going to enjoy- things like bowling, TopGolf, sporting event, happy hour are always winners.

- Get the Team Together: Getting the team together in the office for breakfast or lunch and learn is always a good way to step out of the daily grind and create open communication. Make it an informal team meeting - something where everyone doesn't feel like they need to be "on" and who knows, you might end up with a few key takeaways afterward!

- Create a Wellness Challenge: creating a wellness challenge is a great way to help promote a culture of health and also get employees feeling better. Here are some ideas: pack your lunch for 2 weeks; drink more water challenge; positivity challenge; wearable fitness tracker challenge. P.S. did you know Work2Live offers these and many more as part of our platform?

We hope you have some great travel planned this summer and hopefully these fun ideas keep your employees engaged in the office this summer!

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