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Reduce Health care Costs by Promoting a Culture of Wellness

Every business owner (or most people in general) know that the cost of health care has skyrocketed within the last few years. Business owners are beginning to cut back on health care costs because the cost is taking up so much of their revenue and they begin to wonder is it really worth it?

Some businesses are left with no other choice than to cut health care costs entirely. But truth be told, health care is essential and necessary for you and your employees. So, what’s the resolution? Do you get rid of health care entirely to save your budget? Can you cut back on health care costs? Is there even a way to do so? We’re here to tell you- YES! And we’re here to help you build a strategy to reduce those costs.

What is a Culture of Wellness?

A culture of wellness means that you foster a workplace that encourages and promotes the well-being of your employees. This means you create and implement ways for employees to be healthier at the workplace, and help them develop healthy habits in both their personal and professional lives.

Where Does Your Organization Stand?

If you are interested in enhancing your wellness strategy you will want to evaluate four key areas:

Physical Environment. Is the workplace healthy and safe for your team to work in?

Psychosocial Environment. Does your culture support employee well-being?

Personal Resources. Do your employees have access to the tools they need to cope with stress?

Personal Health Practices. Do your employees understand how to make good lifestyle choices that will contribute to their health and wellness?

Consider these following questions to determine how well your organization measures up to the mentioned criteria above:

· Do you have a strategy in place to develop and sustain a culture that is centered around wellness?

· Do your executives show a commitment to a wellness culture?

· Do you have a program in place that enables you to evaluate health and wellness needs?

· Do your employees have access to information where they can learn more about health and wellness?

· Are there any incentives to help your employees adopt wellness changes?

Did you know that nearly 133 million Americans (40 percent of the population) have been diagnosed with chronic diseases? These high numbers have a direct impact on costs, disabilities, increased absenteeism, and lower productivity levels. There’s only so much you can control as an employer. One of the few things that you can control is providing your employees with a workplace that focuses on health and wellness.

Ways to Implement Wellness in The Workplace

There are several ways you can promote wellness at work. Here are some ideas to consider:

Encourage Breaks

In the average workday, it is recommended, and in most cases required, that each employee takes at least a 30 minute break. This means that employees must step away from all things work-related and do something to clear their mind. This can be a coffee break, a lunch break, or a quick walk. If employees prefer to eat their lunch at their desks, be sure to encourage them to get away from their desk for at least 30 minutes a day. This will help them to clear their heads and focus better on their work.

Consider Water Challenges

The body needs water to transport water-soluble nutrients to organs around the body, and transport toxins and waste products out of the body through urine, to control body temperature and so much more. Water ultimately helps with weight control and it gives us more energy. Ironically, many people forget to drink water throughout the day. Hydration is key for success! Otherwise, it’s easy to become sluggish. Consider implementing a water challenge and offer small prizes as incentives. This is a fun way to encourage your team to stay hydrated.

Encourage Relationship Building

A recent study shows that those who are happy at work also have strong relationships with their peers. Strong relationships between employees are important for several reasons, but one of the reasons to promote relationship building is to boost happiness! A happy employee is a productive employee!

Encourage Naps

Yes, that’s right! We are telling you to encourage naps! After all, how many times have you been at work and felt as if you could use a few minutes of shut eye? Everyone does! Consider creating comfortable areas where employees can kick their feet up and rest. If not, a quick nap in a car will go a long way.

Introduce New Wellness Perks

Ok, so you might not be able to force your employees to drink water, take naps, or take a walk around the office during lunch, but you can supply them with what they need to live a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle.

Consider offering perks that promote a culture of wellness. Not sure where to start? Work2Live is happy to bring you our Breathe program. Breathe Allows for accessible and attainable ways to reach individual goals, find ways to refresh, or just get a massage after work. Think about how many employees could benefit from a nice, relaxing massage after a busy, stressful week at work. I don’t know about you, but most people would say that’s a pretty nice way to show your employees some appreciation.

With the Breathe program you can receive discounts with leading fitness clubs, spas, weight loss resorts, and much more!

A Step In The Right Direction

This year has been off to an interesting start with the COVID-19 pandemic and its more important now than ever to have a wellness program in place.

Not sure where to start? Our team at Work2Live is here to help. We connect your team to unparalleled perks and rewards that help increase retention by allowing them access to truly live life, find work-life satisfaction, and take care of themselves.

Want to learn more? Try a free demo today!

To learn more about the importance of a culture of wellness and employee retention, stay up to date with our latest blogs.

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