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How to Incentivize Productivity in Remote Workers

Have you felt as if your remote team has been slacking a bit? Maybe they are not delivering as much work as they once were or maybe they never were to begin with. Remote workers are typically more productive, but even they can require boosts in motivation to be at peak performance. Recent research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the average office worker clocks in for 8.8 hours a day. But, if the average employee is working nearly 9 hours a day, why does it seem like not much is getting done? Further research found that from a study of 2,000 full-time workers, these employees were not working for nearly half that time. In fact, most employees only work two hours and 53 minutes out of the 8.8 hours they claim to be clocked in for!

Now, it’s a completely different ball game for remote workers. The myth about remote work for the longest time was that remote workers slack off more because there are more distractions from home. But is this entirely true? Research found that remote employees are in fact more productive.

A survey was done by Connect Solutions that found that out of those who worked remotely, both part-time and full-time, 77% stated they were more productive when working remotely, and 30% stated that they were able to get more done in less time than when they worked at the office. In addition, remote workers were less likely to take time off and were willing to work even if they were feeling under the weather.

Regardless of what this research shows, everyone slacks off every once in a while. Can we really expect our team to be on the ball 100%of the time? Here are some incentives you can offer your remote team to boost productivity.

Consider a shorter work week

With access to mobile devices and the internet at all hours of the day, it’s nearly impossible for traditional office workers to stay focused. When employees are not working during the time they are clocked in, research shows that they are discussing non-work related topics with other employees, spending time talking to friends and family via text message or browsing the internet for non-work related subjects such as the daily news or even online shopping.

However, as remote work has become increasingly popular, it has been found that employees who work remotely in fact work longer days. It’s no wonder these employees find it difficult to be productive at all hours of the day. They are probably exhausted.

Many companies have switched to a four day work week. A shorter work week will benefit you as the employer, because your employees will have less time to spend on distractions and will be more focused on getting work done during the time they are “in office.” Your employees will appreciate the shorter work week so they can spend time more time with friends and family and have more down time to relax.

Recognize achievements both big and small

Shorter work weeks and financial incentives are great for most employees, but many are motivated by recognition. Perhaps you are recognizing employees for their big achievements but where you might be losing a lot of employee productivity is by not recognizing the hard work they are putting into their day-to-day tasks. It’s important to remember that while those big accomplishments are important, it’s really the small milestones that make them possible. If you notice your employee put in extra work one day, a simple thank you will go a long way.

Offer unique rewards

Each organization has its own thing when it comes to benefits and rewards. Whether it’s an annual bonus, beer Fridays, gym memberships, etc., every business has something that makes them different. It’s important to think long and hard when it comes to choosing the rewards you want to offer your employees. One great reward can be the boost in productivity you need from your employees. Offering your team rewards that they can’t find anywhere else will make them work that much harder.

Maybe you offer your remote team a competitive salary, medical, and dental benefits, but you are looking for additional rewards to give them. A bonus isn’t that great because really, employees can go anywhere and be offered a bonus. A new laptop and work phone are not unique rewards, so what else is out there that your employees will find valuable?

Lifestyle savings accounts: The unique perk your employees want

Lifestyle savings accounts (LSAs) could be the perfect reward you have been looking for. This is an employer-funded account that is dedicated to employee perks. Often times, employers spend a lot of time and money on rewards such as sports outings, concerts, free dinners, etc., just to find out it’s not really what employees want.

A lifestyle savings account is extremely flexible. Your employees can use the money that you (the employer) puts in their account for anything that you believe will contribute to their productivity. Whether that be child care, a day at the spa, money towards a family vacation or exercise classes, the LSA is a simple resolution that each and every one of your employees will love.

Get ahead of the trend with lifestyle savings accounts

Lifestyle savings accounts have been increasingly popular in Canada, but US employers are quickly catching onto the trend. It won’t be long until LSAs become a popular perk for employees which is why you need to get ahead of the trend and begin to offer your team this benefit while it’s still unique! Before everyone hops on board with lifestyle spending accounts, get ahead of the game and give your employees what they want.

Want to learn more or ready to get started? Contact Work2live and make the change to a happier and even more productive remote work environment!

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