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How to Attract Top Talent for a Remote Team

Ahh, so you’re embracing the many benefits of a remote team of employees. You’re ready to cast that wide net across the country, or even the world, to find the best and brightest talent out there. You know what your perfect fit looks like, and now you have the world at your fingertips.

As you are searching – so are they

At the same time, as you are casting your wide net, so are these remote candidates. Thanks to the internet and cellular technology, demographics are no longer a qualifying factor for employment. They, too, are seeking their perfect match. As an employer, you have your work cut out for you. Now, how can you attract the best and brightest remote candidates to give your company a second look, and better yet, a resume?

Show them that you “get it” by highlighting your culture

A savvy remote employee can spot a brand new remote program from twenty paces. Because managing remote employees differs from managing in-person, they are attracted to a remote team over being a lone wolf on their home sofa. The lone wolf has to work harder to be noticed when they are represented by a conference phone on the table with the team sitting around them. They struggle to be engaged when they are separated from the group.

If the entire group is remote, they bond and excel in their separation. Tools are in place to encourage participation and engagement between each other, and everyone makes equal effort to communicate. The dynamic is entirely different from a fully remote team than it is with just a couple of remote employees.

The remote culture has the infrastructure already in place for productivity. They know that they can shine on their own and collaborate effectively. This kind of setup is an attractive environment for the best and brightest candidates.

Promote and encourage flexibility

People have variable windows of peak productivity. Employers can maximize this productivity with a remote team if they maintain a stance of flexibility. By focusing on deliverables and deadlines instead of static demands of presence, managers often get MORE from their remote team. Productivity by measurable goals is higher than they ever could get between the hours of 9-5 in an office environment.

Employees appreciate the flexibility to fulfill personal and family needs during business hours, and quality workers will make up the difference in other ways and still meet their deadlines. A disciplined remote employee is notably more productive at home than they ever were in the office. This reality exists because they can regulate their work windows to times of least distraction, from early morning to late nights, taking advantage of their peak brain activity.

That’s not to say that you can’t still bring the team together for meetings to connect as a unit. Set meetings and availability expectations ahead of time so your remote employees have the meeting inserted to their work plan.

Don’t get stingy with salary

At the beginning of the virtual office movement, employers short-changed remote employees because of their “saved costs” by not having to commute to the office. The savvy remote employee is hip to that game, and they fully understand that you, too, will benefit from a remote team. They are aware of your saved costs on infrastructure and resources by not needing to make room for them or provide anything more than a computer.

The savings benefits go both ways, so be genuine and pay your employees what they are worth. You don’t have to go with the national average, for the cost of living in Mentone, Alabama is much different than what to expect from San Francisco, California. The appropriate approach is to pay according to your home office’s demographic. To supplement more pay for the cost of living at the employee’s location is optional. After all, their employment with you does not require them to remain in an area with a higher cost of living.

If you are in San Francisco, and you find the perfect candidate in Alabama, you might think you hit pay dirt. You may get a significant discount from the local talent, but make an offer generous enough to be within your local pay window. You want your agreement to be a win/win.

Perks are different

A recent study found that 48% of employees factor in company benefits and perks in their decision to select their next position. Fancy coffee makers, catered lunches in the breakroom, bean bag chairs, and a tube slide in the lobby lack the same appeal with your remote employees. You want to have the same fun vibe, but your resources are limited. Get creative with ideas to promote a fun work environment. Some of the favorite perks for remote employees in 2019 were:

1. Flexibility programs around work location or hours

Pay a salary for meeting work expectations with full-time goals. Give your employees the freedom to set their hours to get these goals accomplished.

2. Shorter work week

If your remote employee wants to work extra early in the week to enjoy Friday off, make that possibility a reality for them. You are meeting productivity goals, not butt-in-seat goals!

3. Paid time off

One thing you will notice is that remote employees take fewer sick days, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t need a day off once in a while or a vacation. Make sure they are provided paid time off and are encouraged to take advantage of it, too.

4. Parental perks

Remote employees have families, and work-life lines can get blurred at times. Parental perks can be enjoyed at home as much as they are from those working in the office.

5. Student loan assistance

With the trend of remote work, remote learning is taking off, as well. Give your employees plenty of opportunities for professional development to benefit their careers and your company.

6. Wellness initiatives

A healthy employee is a happy employee, and a happy employee is a productive one. Provide challenges and incentives to promote wellness to all of your workers for a positive effect on your bottom line.

7. Lifestyle spending accounts (LSAs)

Lifestyle spending accounts are full of the flexibility that a remote work culture enjoys. A great program has plenty of options nationwide for employees to enjoy wherever they are.

Did someone say lifestyle spending accounts?

Work2Live is a pioneer of the American LSA concept. Employees have an abundance of experiences to select with their LSA. From restaurants to skydiving, there really is something for everyone. Enrolling your team is as inexpensive as $1 per employee each month. From there, you load their account as you wish. There are no minimums to be concerned about. Enroll today or contact us for a personal tour and demo of the program.

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