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How Work2Live can

help my company

and employees 



1- Create a new Reward & Recognition Program

Choosing a platform for your R&R program doesn't have to be complicated, but it often involves a lot of consideration when it comes to preferences and employee experience.  Work2Live offers a flexible platform to help you create something meaningful for your employees. 


2- Enhance or automate an existing Reward & Recognition Program 

Many companies already implement informal R&R practices such as gift cards. While these programs are a great first step, companies can seamlessly enhance these informal programs with a platform like Work2Live. This gives them full KPI reporting and intuitive control of administering their R&R programs.


3- Support work-life balance within the company culture​

Work-life balance has always been a challenging element of employee experience (EX) to address. What's often missing is a real way to showcase a company's commitment toward helping their people achieve balance. Work2Live provides just that- an experiential R&R platform which not only allows for daily recognition but also long term benefits when addressing important touchpoints within EX




In this scenario, Jessica's company has awarded her $250 in lifestyle spending account funds! She can now use this money at over 15,000 hotel properties with members-only rates not available to the public or purchase a truly amazing experience on her next weekend trip or vacation. 


Jessica is planning a vacation to Nassau in a few months and decides to use her LSA finds toward the hotel she'll be staying at. She was already thrilled to be going on vacation but when she found out she was paying 20% less than what was available on public travel sites she was over the moon!



Frank has saved $300 in Lifestyle Spending Account awards and is ready to spend it. Frank's colleague, Johana, is getting married in a few months, so Frank and few other co-workers decide they'd like to all chip-in for a private helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon for Johana and her husband. Frank jumps onto the Work2Live app, selects the tour, and easily begins the chip-in process for everyone that's participating. 


Johana and her new husband loved the gift from all of her colleagues and had an incredible time on the private tour- the pilot even landed in the canyon for a champagne picnic! 





Tiffany is the VP of People at her company. After a company-wide survey was sent out, it was determined that employees would like an employee reward and recognition platform. The survey also revealed the need for better work-life balance, so Tiffany and the HR team set our to screen potential vendors. After several weeks, Tiffany decides to implement Work2Live because, in addition to offering flexible solutions, the platform addressed the 2 key items from Tiffany's survey:

1.) an easy to use platform for all employees and

2.) work-life balance through its experiential-based products. 



Francis is the CEO of a small company with an informal gift card program for employees. While employees are generally happy with their gift cards, Francis believes they deserve more for all their hard work and wants to help them stretch their hard-earned dollars at the same time. After going through the demo of Work2Live, Francis realizes that not only can she keep her gift card program, but can enhance her reward and recognition program by implementing the Work2Live platform.


She's also excited for employees to see the huge savings during their next vacation through the members-only hotel and experience pricing they now have access to! 

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